A Wonderful Season

It’s been an extremely adventurous and long season! We have travelled the Europe and Middle East to participate in the UIM-ABP Aquabike European and World Championships. It has been my pleasure the become an official rider and compete with the strongest girls in the world! However, I would never thought, that in my first year I would be able to get on the podium for half of the races and finish the overall in the 3rd place. Hard training always pays off along with the persistence and determination. I would like to thank UIM-ABP Aqubike for the amazing season – for making the races professional.

Also would like to say huge thank you to my supporters- BlueOrange Bank, Veselības Fabrika and Signum. And of course my family and team, that it wouldn't be possible without them. 

I wish you a joyful and merry Christmas and a beautiful new year for the season 2018!  

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