Latvian Championship- 3rd Stage

Yesterday we had the 3rd stage of the Latvian championship held at the Baltic sea in Saulkrasti. A lot of racers from the neighbour countries arrived to fight for their titles! I competed in 3 classes- Ladies, Gp2 and GP1 (as I wanted to suffer today 😅). Me and @jasmiinypraus64 were sharing the same points, while in the gp2 I almost got on the 2nd place podium, while I was leading the second moto. I'm not that sure about the gp1 result, but for sure the podium was reserved for the World and European champs - @martenm53 ,@mlutsokert , @uzarsjanis 😊 And as always, a nice tradition of the Latvian championships, we had the Family cup! Me and my dad managed to step on the highest podium and congrats to the newcomers to this podium- Ypraus family! 😏 Nothing can be more valuable than strong and supportive family having common goals! #LatvianChampionship #aquabike #uim #officialrider 

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