Pole Position in Sharjah

So today I got the 3rd place in second qualification or the pole position, as we call it, and will start with the top 5 tomorrow. 😊 Just in case you didn't notice, I'm so happy to be here and nothing can be compared to this awesome experience! I'm never taking anything for granted, because I know the huge work behind every single racer who is here! I started racing because it gives you a motivation and drive in your life, that comes with all the colours of emotions. And that has not changed during these years. As one smart man once said- if the result is bad at the end, nothing has yet finished. 🤗 Tomorrow will start the real racing! We will have 2 motos, first starting at 8:00 am Latvian time for guys and then ladies will follow. The 2nd one will be at 13:00. You can follow the race live on aquabike.net or aquabike facebook page! Good luck to the all strongest racers in the world and let's get to the fun part! 😊😊 #aquabike #jetski #worldchampionship #uim #officialrider #roadtoSharjah #GPofSharjah  

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