Moto 1& Moto 2 - GP of Sharjah

Today was a long day with 2 motos, ending up in P2 and P3. We started with the intrigue in the Italy in the beginning of the season and looks like we'll finish the same. The title will be delivered by the result on Friday's last moto. But you know, what would be the World championship if it be so easily to win? Tomorrow we'll have a day off and will have the chance to take a look at the Formula 1 boat championship. This time both events are combined. See you back on Friday! ✌And once again- huge thank you for everybody who is cheering for me and following all the motos! I do believe that watching might be scarier than actually racing, that's why I value you guys even more! 😄 #aquabike #jetski #worldchampionship #officialrider #roadtoSharjah #GPofSharjah  

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