Moto 3 - P4

P4 in the final moto gave me an overall P6 at the GP of Sharjah! 🇦🇪 I'm learning to become an athlete who sees the positive side to all outcomes. The performance can be a roller coaster and you need to have the patience to ride the ups and downs. If I compare my state of mind now and a year ago, it varies drastically. I'm now so many times happier of a 6th place finish than I was at some races standing on the highest spot on podium. Focusing more on the racing gives the true satisfaction and emotions rather then the result itself. I'm really proud and happy of all of the world championship girls and the level that has been achieved! And of course huge thanks to my family, team and the people who came to support me on spot. Two champion girls are always better than one! 🥰 I love this sport and the journey that it brings! Can't really stop smiling! Thank you all. ❤  

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