Happy Valentine's day

What a day!

Moto 1 was a normal moto, where I got 4th. But the moto 2 was probably one of the best for any viewer to see At the second lap I got stop & go penalty, which I believe was due to the start, because we couldn't hold the ski and it was slightly driffting. I lost my 2nd spot on the moto to take the penalty, while on the next lap I got black flagged, which equals disqualification for the moto. This was given as I took one of the split buoyes (which divides split course) on the other side, as they were so far away from each other. Rules are rules, got to have this experience as well.

Anyhow, on the 2nd moto we are 4 top girls that got 0 points as Jonna and Emma decided to make a show on the finish line. So we're starting from the beginning again tomorrow on the moto 3.

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