Sum up - Kuwait

What to say - interesting start for the season. The 3rd moto was not lucky for me as well, as my ski stopped right when the start was given. Dead last from my side, finished 6th at the end. 0 points from the black flag on moto 2 adds up to 10th place on the race.

Yet, we learn so much more from the mistakes than wins. And it can always be worse! Before the race I was really sick, so I am really happy that I managed to race at all. I did what I love, enjoyed the event fully and we're moving on. The real reward is racing, which may not always be equal to the score board.

And HUGE thank you to the @aquabike_official , @yousefrizzaga for inviting us here, all the organizers and the Kuwaitis that we're involved. This was one of the best events we've ever had! Amazing job guys!

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